Information Services USA offers the latest in SAN, WAN and LAN technology and responsive on-site technical support services through a local team of experienced, dedicated technicians and professional engineers.


We also offer hosting services, custom application development, and provide software solutions for schools and colleges with a range of K12 products.


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Data Center Facility

We are pleased to announce the availability of services for our customers in a world-class data facility.


Served by NLayer, Savvis, AT&T, InterNAP, Level3, BTNAccess and Cogent, offering an astounding combined 40 Gigabits-per-second of capacity, this state-of-the-art Data Center is located on the USA East Coast and is the new home of hosting operations for Information Services USA.


School Dining System Voice Calling

Version 7 of our School Dining System is now online and available to all schools with an existing service agreement. New this Spring - Integration with OneNotify to allow voice calling for low balance notices to parents. Learn more about our K12 Products by following the links below.


K12Tracker | School Dining System | OneNotify

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School Dining System

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